Our Beloved RathnaJi

Oh, the wonderful, poetic emails from Rathna. The most pleasant notes I ever got were from her. Almost two years after we had lost her; When I come across her words -- pepped between work discussions that she was often so closely involved with -- I still stop and rest, and enjoy the warmth and love in what and how she used to say.

I imagine her writing the notes patiently on one of her many devices, she was as comfortable with technology as she was with her words. Her two sons, both intellectual and technical wizards, must have gotten some of it genetically from her. I can also imagine how wonderful her written notes must have been, when pen and paper would replace screens and keyboards.

She had lovingly invited me many times to visit her in India, enticing with offers of cooked meals and visits with Vivek's friends and family there. One of my life's deepest friendships, I had known Vivek for more than 20 years, many of them as co-workers and software co-tinkerers. Meeting Vivek's parents was an easy extension of meeting Vivek, the whole family radiating with friendship, service, help and kindness.

She is so missed by her family and by her friends and by all that had known her. She would drop by our offices to offer fruits and snacks and reminders to drink plenty of water, and would extend her motherly instincts well beyond just Vivek and Raja. How fortunate that I was surrounded by so much of it, in person and in her wonderful written words.